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(Key Action 2)
One of the most important problem that immigrant students or the students from different cultures and the students with physical or mental disadvantages is social exclusion. Children have a core need to be loved and valued within secure and lasting positive relationships helping children develop and maintain these secure relationships with peers is an important part of their development.  Children growing up in social exclusion are less likely to do well in school, enjoy good health and realize their full potential later in life, and they will have higher risk of dropping out, becoming unemployed and poor when they grow up. Therefore fighting with social exclusion have to start at early ages, in the school.


Target groups of this project are children and teenagers at schools

To fight with exclusion, teachers should provide a learning environment in which every students in the class are able to participate to the learning process actively, interact with each other. In such environment they will have chance to express their feelings to each other, start to know each other and construct strong relationship by sharing and working together. As participation encourages dialogue among and between students it is the best way to fight social exclusion in the classes. This is possible only if the students are learning by doing, experimenting, being active in the learning process. To give students these chances, project will involve following activities;

- Gamification in education: Games are the best way for children to socialize, discover the world around them and make new friends. Using gamification in the learning process will provide students a chance to work as a team. It allows students to know each other better and realize that they have many things in common

- Peer learning is a teaching method in which students engage in cooperative learning by working in teams on problems and projects. This results in more supportive relationships, and better communication among them therefore can be used for promoting social inclusion

- Active lessons is a method in which students are active in the learning process by experimenting, experiencing with a group or class which give chances students to work together. These educational methods contribute to have a better learning environment and reduces the risk of ESL

- Street games which have important role in both socializing and friend making processes since it requires crowded groups

- Art activities which is a best way for kids to express their feelings, thoughts, believes and traditions

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